28.August.2014 - Fan Expo Toronto!

Cain and Saige have a thing together. They were totally making googly eyes across the table at eachother. Heh. I don't like how the text came out on this page. This was an older page we did earlier in the year and my skills were a bit rusty. The next scene I'm really happy with the page layouts. But I digress. Going to be at Fan Expo this Friday, we don't have a booth this year but if your at the con look for a purple-haired girl walking around with Luffie. haha.

See you next week!

Apparently it's Thursday again... Im not totally sure how that happened. It would appear that not being in school is nearly as hectic as being in school. and I've hardly done anything this week. this is no good at all. lol. Well if this is the page I think it is, Blue teased this a long time ago but she may have changed the characters about.

It kind of strange to be drawing two people actually physically touching as its something we avoided back before the hiatus.

Improvement? I think so :P