10.9.14 - Answers

If you were reading our comic and were sitting there scratching your head thinking, "hum, why do they hunt and kill mages? I don't get it?" Well, the next few pages will hopefully answer those questions and get our story moving forward again! It’s felt a bit stale since we came back and that is a little bit to do with Aze and I trying to put less on a page. Drawing 100 faces and bodies on a page is very time consuming so we tried to balance text and images, I think we have the method down now.

We changed the font as well because I can't stand our old font anymore and I like these next few pages too much to wreck them with the old font, so preemptive strike! New font. PLEASE tell me if it is too big, too small, etc. Feedback helps us out more than you know!

Wooohooohooo. It’s another week already? Oh my GLOB! I have not been particularly useful on the comic front this week either. I am a bad bad co-artist. Well I'm learning how to use the unreal engine. Planning to use that for some BGs later so I guess that’s kind of like development.

TWC this week is a W.I.P of a panel from Chapter 5!

Thanks for reading!