17.July.2014 - And We're Back!

Hey guys, Its been a long time since you've seen us. WAY TOO LONG. Blue and I disappeared for almost 2 years as life and University got in our way. But, we have missed your beautiful faces and those of out motley cast of characters. So, over the past few months we have been working hard at producing page; including a buffer for the first time in ...well ever. We have 14ish pages in different stages of development and blue and I are eager to finish this chapter and draw our main characters once again. So don't expect another hiatus any time soon.

Thank you so much for your support and a special thanks to D from Gemutations/TOHS, HChan from Dreamscar, and the real Kas and Rika for pestering us to come back. If you want to see when we are working on the comic, random concept art, and previews of the upcoming pages follow us on Facbook.

See you next week!

It's good to be back working on art again. Can't wait to finish this chapter and see our main crew again! Thanks for sticking around everyone!