22.Oct.14 - Chapter 5

Hallelujah can't tell you all how happy we are to be done that chapter. We're going to be drawing a lot more of Blue and Kas and Aze and Rika. Aww Yiss.....Omg I forgot about m. ... Oops.

The action really picks up in this chapter so it's going to be a fun one. But also a freaking hard one. Perspective.... Whaaaat?. As for our buffer... Ummm yeah. We really are working on it but I think it's bet to move to updates every other week until we can get a lot of work done over the Christmas break.

Until Next Time!


There is a good reason why she has a mop in the chapter cover, Aze rewrote this chapter about a year ago and the mops have a purpose. I swear. Probably moving to every other week updates until we can get some more stuff done over the holidays. Next term shouldn't be as bad course wise for me so we shouldn't have as much difficulty keeping up. Aze has taken over base colouring the pages and this chapter starts off with some complex uniform design that I'm sure he hates by now.

Thanks for reading!