2.Oct - [Hiatus] =[

What an ugly word. But yes, unfortunatly my Macbook Pro died this past weekend and it was my main work station for the comic. The part to fix it was going to cost me way to much money.

We are going to be taking a short break from the comic, as we realised it is starting to burn us out. Pages are being forced out every week and it's just not enjoyable anymore. So while I get used to using my tablet on my PC we will be workign on developing a style that is easier to render.

Might finish this chapter as is, jsut for some consistancey, but expect some hopefully drastic, but better, changes when we return. (Along with a new finished website). Also I will be looking to do 10$ sketch commisions to help raise some funds for a new mac, follow my deviantart at blue6.deviantart.com or send an email to therevolutioncomic@gmail.com if interested.

Thanks, and hope to be back soon!