8.Oct.14 - End Chapter 4

Hey all, Sorry my comments have been so lackluster the past 2 weeks. To be honest Blue had to write them up for me because I work Wenesday evenings and I always forget to prepare something. Well not today. Not that I have a ton to say about this page...

Who the F is this kid??? And why are we showing him to you? Well stick around for another 3 years and you may find out :P Moving along... hopefully the coloring in this page matches up with last weeks. I have been trying some new things out and sometimes it is hard to replicate the effects each week. But it looks alright on my screen so fingers crossed. Blue and I are beginning ro run low on a buffer for the comic, only 2 more pages are completed after this weeks. Hopefully we can get through till Christmas break without another hiatus. I will be taking on some more responsibility with base coloring the pages if Blue lets me to help her out and ensure no break. We also want to rough out the entire next chapter so we can work on the story's pacing a bit better than we have in the past. Anyways this is getting long Bye guys!

OMG I left something in the oven shoot! BYE!

Aze didn't want the oven part to be in there but I thought it was funny. HA! This page is awesome, Aze did a sweet job colouring the last two pages and I think our art has improved. I still derp on the drawings sometimes though.

Glad to be done this chapter after... 2 years? We won't hiatus oursevles like that again, worst comes to worse we will do bi-weekly updates until I get a day off. I hope it wont take 3 years to tell you guys who the purple hair kid is, because thats so far away!

Thanks for Reading!