24.July.2014 -Angry Zander is Angry

Hello again. Thank you for the very positive response to our return last week. We're very excited to e back positing pages. We completely finished up page 107 on monday and we have another ... 7pages sketched out. Its hard not to just post them all at once but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. So it's just one page this week. Thanks again for sticking with us this far. Many more pages to come!

Oh yeah. Blue might be making us a tumblr page so look out for that. But until then follow us for updates on Facebook.

Kas has an epic chin in the vote incentive, he won't be drawn like that I was just playing with style and didn't realise what I had done until Aze coloured him. Oops. ALso I am the queen of spelling mistakes. I can't wait to start Chapter 5 with an easier font to read so I can catch them before I get to the point of no return. Will fix the error when I'm back on my other computer. Sigh. I should hand out an award to the person who finds all my typos. haha.

Zander has some sass in that last panel!

See you next week!