30.July.2014 -Fan Art Contest!

This is the first official page we did when we decided to come off hiatus. The last two are actually 2 years old, so hopefully theres a difference in drawing. heh.

FAN ART CONTEST! Rules are simple: Draw one of your characters with one of ours! Winners will receive a free commision slot from us. First: Two full body, full colour characters of your choice. Second: One character and Third: a black and white sketch. More details will be posted to our facebook AND to our brand new TUMBLR. So go check those out!

A HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Kastor! (And to the person behind the character!) Thanks for supporting us through the years! Some Kas based vote bait to celebrate!

Woohooo. We're on a roll. We got another 2 pages done this week. If we keep this up maybe we can start upping the number of pages y'all get to two a week. Well that's the dream at least!