18.Dec.14 -What is Even Going On!?

DID HE JUST-!? These pages are getting crazy man. Who writes this stuff?

TWC: Aze drew a thing. WIP.

Is this page late too? well how about that. You know im still mourning the loss of October and now its almost Christmas. What is this nonsense! Well at least it means that Miss Blue has some time to work on the comic during the holidays. So hopefully we can get a few more done for you guys

So about the page... Blue has been teasing this one for freaking months. I'm glad its here.:P But the next page is better, cant wait for you all to see it. There is a lot more happening in it so its going to be a hard one to color. Blue has already given herself carpel tunnel just inking the thing.

Anyways, I dont know if we are going to post again before Christmas. So HAPPY WHATEVER YOU CELEBRATE!